Sunday, May 15, 2011

---For those who were wondering---

Just letting everybody know that the papercutting templates I post are not just for papercutting.
You can use them for anything! Scrapbooking, Website design, ect, ect.
There is no need to post a link to my blog either, I don't need credit or anything. xD

Have ideas for future designs? Post in the comments! :)

Free papercutting template!

I changed the background and added a temporary banner(no idea why the other one disappeared)
What do you guys think? I like the bright green C:

Free template :

Full size to print off : Click!


Sorry for taking such a long break from blogging!
I'm new to this, and just couldn't seem to pull myself away from life to update my blog. lol!

I will be changing the way my blog looks over the next few days, as well as adding some new free templates!
Check back often! C: